Crochet Blanket Feather Stitch

Hello everybody, welcome to our lovely and creative world of crochet. Today we are going to show how to make feather stitch blanket. Recommended crochet hook size 4.50mm. This type of blanket is very popular and comfortable while using. Here you can find tutorial which explains step by step, without missing any details.
Crochet Blanket Feather Stitch
This blanket with multiple colors looks pretty. As you all know there area unit a various recent and new stitches in a very inventive world of knitting and crochet and because the dedicated crocheters we’d like to be told as several of them because it is feasible. Even as a prove of my words, this can be another step by step tutorial without missing details to crochet this beautiful feather stitch that may provides a fabulous look to any project you choose to form in future, especially to blanket. So, let’s get down to the business and learn to make this gorgeous blanket.

Image and Free Pattern [Video]: Sirin’s Crochet on Youtube

Blanket Feather Stitch

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