Crochet Easy Granny Square Motif Bag

Hello everyone, welcome to colorful and beautiful world of crochet. There is nothing additional elegant and comfortable than this granny square motif bag free pattern so that we are going to teach you ways to crochet this absolutely attractive bag. This is a very trendy and popular piece that you find in the bags sort. So, let’s get down for free pattern and start crochet today to get a big pleasure.

Crochet Easy Granny Square Motif Bag

Granny square motif bag:

Rnd1/ Make a magic ring, ch3(Count as like st), 15dc, slst in first st. (16)
Rnd2/ ch4(Count as like st), (dc,ch1)in every st, slst in first st. (16)
Rnd3/ ch3(Count as like st),2dc in first ch1 sp, 3dc in every ch1 sp,slst in first st. (48)
Rnd4/ (ch5, skip2, sc),[(ch3,skip2,sc),(ch4,skip2,sc),(ch3,skip2,sc),(ch5,skip2,sc)] x 3times,
[(ch3,skip2,sc),(ch4,skip2,sc),(ch3,skip2)], slst in first st in this row.
Rnd5/ ch3(Count as like st),[(4dc,ch3,5dc)in ch5 sp, (sc in ch3 sp),(7dc in ch4 sp)(sc in ch3 sp)
(5dc, ch3, 5dc)in ch5 sp,] x repeat, slst.
Rnd6/ ch7, [skip5,(sc,ch3,sc)in ch3 sp, ch5, skip5, dc, ch3, skip 3, sc, ch3,skip3, dc, ch5]x repeat, skip4, slst in first ch2.
Rnd7/ ch3(Count as like st), 4dc, [(2dc, ch2, 2dc)in corner sp, 5dc in ch5 sp, 3dc in ch3 sp, dc, 3dc in ch3 sp, 5dc in ch5 sp] x repeat, slst.
Rnd8/ ch3(Count as like st), dc, [(dc, 3dc puff) x repeat across,(2dc, ch2, 2dc)in corner sp] x repeat, slst with hdc.
Rnd9/ ch3(Count as like st),dc,[dc in every st across,(2dc, ch2, 2dc)in corner sp] x repeat, slst with hdc.
Rnd10/ ch3(Count as like st),turn, [dc in each st across, (3dc)in corner sp] x repeat, 2dc.(Except 1 side)
Rnd11-13/ ch3(Count as like st),turn, dc in each st.(Except 1 side)
-I will make 4row, but you can make as many as you want.
Please make another one of these so far.So that we can make a bag after this.
Connect each other with sc.

Top of the a bag part:

Rnd1/ ch1, sc in all around st, slst. (Make 2sc per one dc row)
Upper part of a bag
Rnd1/ ch1, (sc in corner sp, sc in all around st) x repeat, slst. (Make 2sc per onae dc row)
Rnd2-3/ ch1, sc in all around st,slst. (You can make it as high as you want.)
Rnd4/ ch1, (sc in each st until marked st, sc in marked st, ch21, sc in next marked st) x repeat, slst.
Rnd5/ ch1, (sc in each st, sc in ch21(Back bump only) x repeat, slst.
Rnd6/ ch1, (sc in each st, sc3tog, sc in each st,sc3tog) x repeat, slst.
Rnd7- 9/ ch1, sc in each st,slst.
Rnd10/ slst in each st. Fasten off.

Free Video Instructions I

Free Video Instructions II

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