Crochet Folded Baby Slippers – Tutorial

Hello everybody, there are many baby slippers designs, but it is easy folded slippers. There is a high demand how to fold slippers, so here you can find 2 type of tutorials which explains step by step without missing any details.
Crochet Folded Baby Slippers - Tutorial
You can make them with the your preferred technique. Crochet it or knit it – it doesn’t matter that much. Recommended crochet hook size 4mm. Very comfortable and useful at home.

Folded Slippers Tutorial

Folded Baby Slippers - Tutorial

You can increase and decrease what size you want. Great gift for your friends and families. I hope you’ve got enough experience of knitting and crocheting one among the most effective stitches, as a result of our today’s project completely depends on it ability. Here is video tutorial with free pattern subtitles. Start crochet today and get a big pleasure.

Free Video Instructions