Crochet Net Pouch Bag For Beginners

Hello everybody, welcome to colorful and beautiful world of crochet. Today we are going to try and create it rather more entertaining and pleasant. There is nothing additional creative and an amazing than this net pouch bag so that we are going to show you ways for beginners to crochet this absolutely attractive bag.

Used materials: daiso wool mix yarn 30g (1 ball), crochet hook 6/0 (3.5mm)

Made chain 3 (Multiples of 3)
Round 1: ch3, dc 29 (from 5th ch). Dc 30, sl st. (total 60sts)
Round 2: ch3, dc in each st, sl st. (total 60sts)
Round net: ch3, dc, ch, skip, (dc 2, ch, skip) repeat, sl st.
String Length: Pouch width x 2.

Crochet Net Pouch Bag For Beginners
I’m sure you have got already created one thing like this however if you have got not yet, this is often a good chance because bag is one of the most useful and ordinarily used accessory that has no alternative. This is a very trendy and popular piece that you find in the net pouch bags sort. Thanks Adel for this amazing work. So, let’s get down to the business and start crochet today to get a big pleasure.

Free Video Instructions By Adel

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