Crochet Summer Hat Free Pattern

Good evening everybody, crocheters who love elegant and cute hats, this is often another nice chance to create a summer bonnet hat with your own hands in just a brief amount of your time.

We are going to make a hat of one size.

(For adult woman M-size/ Head circumference:55cm)


Yarn: paper yarn (You can also use any kind of yarn)

Hook: 3.5mm

Crown part

Rnd1/ 7sc in magic ring. (7)
Rnd2/ 2sc in every st. (14)
Rnd3/ (sc, inc) x 7times. (21)
Rnd4/ (sc,inc),(sc2, inc)x 6times, (sc). (28)
Rnd5/ (sc3, inc)x7times. (35)
Rnd6/ (sc2, inc), (sc4,inc)x6times, (sc2). (42)
Rnd7/ (sc5,inc)x7times. (49)
Rnd8/(sc3, inc), (sc6,inc)x6times, (sc3). (56)
Rnd9/(sc7,inc)x7times. (63)
Rnd10/(sc4,inc),(sc8,inc)x6times,(sc4). (70)
Rnd11/(sc9,inc)x7times. (77)
Rnd12/(sc5,inc),(sc10,inc)x6times,(sc5). (84)
Rnd13/(sc11,inc)x7times. (91)
Rnd14/(sc6,inc), (sc12,inc)x6times, (sc6). (98)
Rnd15/(sc13,inc)x7times. (105)
Rnd16-31/sc in every around.(105)-Keep making it until you reach 16cm.

**I made 31row and it became 16cm. The number of you and my row may be different. But It’s totally ok. Make it until it’s 16cm.(M-size)

Crochet Summer Hat Free Pattern
Brim part

Rnd32/(skip 11st, Mark the 12th st), ch11,turn, sc94.(94)

You can set the number of stitches in this brim to a (Multiple of 10+4)
Also, set the number of skip sts in the back of hat accordingly. (in my case skiped 11st)

Rnd33/ch1,turn, (sc2tog), (sc9, inc)x repeat 9times, (sc2tog).-start and end this row with sc2tog.
Rnd34 -35/ ch1, turn, sc in every st.
Rnd36/ ch1, turn, (sc2tog), (sc10, inc)x repeat9times, (sc2tog)-Start and end this row with sc2tog.
Rnd37-38/ ch1, turn, sc in every st.
Rnd39/ch1, turn, (sc2tog), (sc11,inc)xrepeat 9times, (sc2tog)-Start and end this row with sc2tog.
Rnd40-41/ ch1, turn, sc in every st.
==Continue to make 3rows of sets in this way until you reach the brim you want.

I made my brim 12cm long.

Brim border

Rnd1/ ch1, sc in same st, sc in every st around, slst, make ch70(about45cm), slst in each ch st.
Rnd2/ make ch70(about 45cm), slst in each ch st, sc all around.
Rnd3/ slst all around. -It’s optional.
Fasten off, Finish !!!

Free Instructions Video

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