Easy Crochet Ribbed Bag

Hello everybody, we are glad to share with you very beautiful ribbed bag. Here is free instructions to learn and make easy and trendy bag.

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Easy Crochet Ribbed Bag

Used Materials: Fabric Yarn 160g, crochet hook 4.0mm.
Crochet Pattern:
Make Chain 24, 27(mark on the center stitch), 24
Row 1: ch1, (from in 2nd ch) sc75.
Row 2: ch1, turn, sc, inc3, sc 36.
Row 3: ch1, sc13, inc3, sc 14.
Row 4: ch1, turn sc15, inc3, sc15.
Ribbed Bag Pattern

Continue watching tutorial for full pattern and instructions. This bag has an amazing look and it’s very comfortable. These colors creates a fabulous look in summer.

Free Video Tutorial by Adel: